5 Most Common Egg Quality Problems!

Not every egg is perfect. Every chicken keeper will tell you that. Every chicken can lay a bad egg. In fact, in most cases, it is the chicken keepers’ fault, not the chickens. The most common egg quality problems occur due to the keeper’s irresponsibility.

However, egg quality problems are not something that should demotivate you about chicken keeping. Every problem has its solution, and we at the typesofchicken.com team are ready to help you with that.

1. The Problem That Scared Every Chicken Keeper

From time to time every chicken keeper finds blood on the egg shell. And when blood at all occurs in any situation people tend to panic and misread some symptoms.

There are more causes for this problem but mostly this occurs due to vent pecking, which means that the chickens don`t eat well or enough.  Vent pecking also occurs when there is a disturbance in the pecking order.

Blood on the egg shell also occurs when small blood vessels snap while the egg is coming out. This mostly happens to hens that have just started laying and older or fat hens.

It is also a smart move to check the vent for infestations when you notice blood on the egg shell. The least to worry is when this common egg quality problem occurs when the weather changes.

2. Misshapen Eggs Are Also One Of The Most Common Egg Quality Problems

Misshapen eggs weird out even the most experienced chicken keepers when they occur. They are easy to differ from the normal egg once you compare them.

So why do misshapen eggs occur? Well, they are usual to occur with young hens and it is not a big deal. But if more experienced hens start showing misshapen eggs you should consider going to the vet.

Misshapen eggs can indicate infections in the stomach and defective shell glands. These problems are the most serious and difficult to handle.

This problem also indicates that the particular hen is overstressed and has problems with the rest of the flock. Check if there is some predator scaring the chickens during the night.

3. Do You Know About Body Checked Eggs?

Body checked eggs are those that have an extra noticeable layer of egg shell on top. Chicken keepers often notice that layer in the form of a ring in the middle of the egg.

This common egg problem will start during the process of adding the shell to the egg which is called the calcification of the egg. When cracks occur during the calcification process the system tries to solve it by adding another layer.

Over stressed chickens are usually having this problem. The best thing to do is check if your coop is overcrowded or if there is any bullying in the flock.

4. Spots On The Egg Shell

Most chicken keepers don`t know what to think when spots occur on the eggs they gather. Most likely, the chickens lack nutritional materials in their diet.

Sometimes the reason for spots on the egg shell can be that the hen got scared during the calcification process. As simple as that.

You can solve this problem by putting your chickens on a healthy diet and make sure that the laying hens are not disturbed during the night when the egg is formed.

Egg quality problems such as this are not something that you should be extremely worried about.

5. Corrugated Shells

Corrugated eggs for some are just as ugly to look at as blood on the eggshells. There are many causes for this egg quality problem and one of them can be the shell not being able to stretch and cover some extra egg content such as an extra egg yolk.

Deficiency in copper in the chicken’s diet can be a cause for this problem also. But some of the most recognized causes are extra antibiotics and calcium.

Corrugated eggs indicate a defective shell gland. It is extremely relevant to mention that this problem can be hereditary.

What common egg problems did you face? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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