A recent advisory from the Centers for Disease Control is warning Americans of the hazards of contact with chickens, including the risk of catching salmonella. This year alone, the CDC has recorded 1,003 cases of salmonella across the U.S., including two deaths. The agency’s suggestions include always washing your hands with soap and water after touching backyard … Read more

Most Common Chicken Diseases & Symptoms!

Most Common Chicken Diseases

Chickens are very prone to illnesses and that is no secret. Especially when weather changes occur you can surely expect that the chances of your flock getting sick are bigger than before. Many experienced chicken keepers are aware of this fact and have gone deeper in the subject by analyzing and taking notes of the most common chicken diseases and the symptoms for the same.

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Killing The Summer Heat For Your Chickens!

Killing The Summer Heat For Your Chickens

Summer is on its way and that means that your chickens will need proper care if the upcoming summer days get too hot. We have discussed this particular problem many times before and because we want to give our readers the best advice for keeping their chickens cool in the summer we want to continue the heat problem subject with showing our readers the process of killing the summer heat for their chickens.

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