Make Pants For Chickens!! The Funniest Hobby Ever!!

People love to have fun. It helps us release stress and basically feel better overall. Well, the same goes for chicken. So if you have fun together with your chickens it will benefit both parties. There are many ways to entertain your chickensFrom healthy treats to a little bit more complicated toys. So how do you find the best way to entertain your chickens? Find the form of entertainment which suits your hobby the best. Some people like to make a swing, others prefer colorful leftover salads. Furthermore, some people like to

Make Pants For Chickens!!

This is still a rather growing hobby nowadays with the exclusion of circus chickens from history. People that enjoy this fun hobby swear on it as one of the best ways to have a laugh even if you are alone.

Some Of Them Even Managed To Film It On Video:

According to the video description, this is Charlie from Arizona. Charlie and his blue pants have gone viral in the past couple of months. And this proves the point. Imagine your chickens wearing your favorite color. A proud rooster wearing a superman cape is also a quite funny idea.

Some Chickens Wearing Pants Even Got Some Time On Television


@Jimmy Kimmel had a couple of special guests in his show during Labor Day. Everyone that celebrates Labor Day is familiar with the tradition that you are not supposed to wear white.
So what one of the funniest modern-day comedians did was give his audience a laugh with two chickens wearing white pants.

So will this convince you to make pants for chickens? About the health benefits from this form of entertainment well, there are some.

People put pants on their chickens when letting them free-roam and that can be a sort of protection from lice and mites.

With the obvious hygiene benefit mentioned above, pants can be a great way to fight vent peckers in the flock. Experienced chicken keepers will tell you that vent pecking can lead to a lot of problems, and they are right.

It is extremely relevant to mention that you need to change the pants after a couple of hours for hygiene purposes. And do not expect every chicken to enjoy this form of entertainment. Chickens have different characters and some of them can be a bit stubborn, especially the males.

How do you entertain your chickens? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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