Pros & Cons About Keeping Ancona Chickens

Ancona Chickens
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As many of our readers already know, Mondays at are reserved for our weekly Pros & Cons articles concerning a particular chicken breed. We have written articles about many of your favorite chicken breeds such as the Silkies, the Cornish, Buff Orpington, American Game and more. This Monday the Ancona chicken breed comes to turn in one of our Pros & Cons articles and as we have said it a few times before our Pros & Cons lists are based on our own experiences as well as our research on the particular subject.


The Ancona Chickens Are Great Layers

Ancona Chickens
                                                                          via Flickr/Larisa

The Ancona chickens are known to be able of laying large white eggs and that is why many chicken keepers tend to get chickens from this particular breed. Being a great layer is a big Pro for every chicken breed. Although they are known to give large white eggs, much like any other chicken breed – they still need to be fed properly in order for every egg they lay to be of high quality.

They Are Highly Intelligent And Friendly

The Ancona chickens are very intelligent and friendly and this makes them a very good choice if you want a smaller one breed flock. They will give you a sufficient amount of eggs and will be friendly towards you and your family. Having a chicken breed that is famous for its friendliness does not mean that every chick will grow into a friendly chicken, you will still need to know the steps of raising friendly chickens in order to have a family friendly flock.

Observant And Alert

Having observant and alert chickens is a big dial to every chicken keeper. This means that they are going to notify you and your flock of an upcoming threat and will most likely be the risk taker and the first to try any new undiscovered treat that you will present to the flock.


Ancona Chickens Can Be Flighty And That Is Not Good For Many Reasons

A chicken being flighty may mean that they are more fun to have than other calmer chickens, but it also increases the chances of the flighty chicken escaping or getting hurt while jumping. If you do not have the means to properly close your run or the time to regularly count your chickens it is better to get a different and calmer chicken breed.

They Can Be Mean To Other Chickens

Ancona Chickens
via Flickr

The Ancona chickens may require a bit more attention and preparation in order to be friendly towards the rest of your flock. They are aggressive when some other chicken disturbs the pecking order even if they are not affected by that disturbance. They do not like newcomers in the flock so if you decide to add chickens in your flock where you have the Ancona breed you might want to make sure that you have prepared for adding that new chicken to the flock. Other than this we couldn`t find any particular cons that we could connect with the Ancona chicken breed.

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