Can Chickens eat cherries

Can Chickens Eat Cherries? Everything you need to know!

We’re committed to helping you raise happy, healthy chickens. When you think about things chickens love to eat, cherries are not the first thing that comes to mind. But in fact, all chickens cherish cherries, including urban backyard chickens like ours!

Some people have concerns about the pits and stems of cherries because they think that they may be harmful or poisonous, but this isn’t the case.

In this article, we will cover topics like:

  • Can chickens have Cherry Pits?
  • Can Chickens Eat Cherry Stems?
  • Are Cherries BAD For Chickens?
  • How To Feed Your Chickens Cherries?
  • List of what you should NOT feed chickens

Can chickens have Cherry Pits?

Chickens can eat cherry pits. However, the pits contain cyanide and should not be given to your chickens in large abundance because eating too many of them can lead to health problems.

Although cherry pits are not considered toxic to chickens, they do contain cyanide, which can be deadly to birds.

can chickens eat cherries?

But don’t worry, a lot of chickens avoid eating pits, because they’re more intelligent than you can imagine!

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Let’s continue with cherry stems ~ do chickens love cherry stems?!

Can Chickens Eat Cherry Stems?

Yes, chickens can eat cherry stems. However, they are smart enough to avoid them because of the toxicity they contain.

Cherry stems, like cherry pits, contain cyanide, which is poisonous to humans and animals alike.

If you give tons of cherries with stems and pits, of course, will be fatal to your chickens.

Chicken eating a cherry

Are Cherries BAD For Chickens?

Cherries are not bad for chickens, but they should be fed in moderation. If a chicken is given too many cherries, it can lead to health issues due to the high sugar content of cherries.

So while it’s okay to give chickens cherries every now and then, you shouldn’t feed them too many with little variation in their diet.

If you want some inspiration, we have an article about can chickens eat grapes!

How To Feed Your Chickens Cherries?

The best way to feed your chickens cherries is to use them frozen or refrigerated. This is especially true in the summer when fresh cherries are out of season.

The most common way to provide frozen cherries is by putting them on a string and hanging them from the ceiling of your chicken coop. This will allow your chickens to pick off pieces from the string as needed, which is a good option if you don’t want to worry about waste or spoilage.

Another option for frozen cherries is simply storing them in a bowl inside your chicken coop. This will allow your chickens easy access to their food, but it could lead to waste or spoilage if you don’t monitor their consumption closely enough.

List of what you should NOT feed chickens

We have a separate article on 10 Things you should NOT feed your chicken, but in general, here are some foods you should avoid giving to chickens:

  • green potato skins
  • chocolate
  • avocado pit and peels
  • raw eggs (this is controversial)
  • apple seeds
can chickens eat cherries?


In summary, cherries are a good natural source of food for chickens and they indeed love eating cherries!

Leaving the cherry pits with the chicken will not harm it, as it would if it were eating olives.

Cherry stems are fine too–just don’t give them the leaves and in large quantities.

Finally, there is no scientific evidence that sours or sweet cherries are harmful to poultry, but throw in the pits and stems at your own risk.

You can always try out a few cherries from your garden to see if your particular chickens will eat them before plopping an entire bag into their downy throats!

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