Composting & Chickens – Where`s the connection?

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Fresh chicken droppings can harm your plans due to the fact that they are hot and still the levels of nitrogen in the are high enough to burn your plants or fasten the process of the plants drying off. However, composting the droppings is an effective way to have an effect on the chicken manure as a fertilizer.

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Chicken Entertainment 101

Bored chickens feather peck each other, and that is definitely not good for them and for their chicken keepers.  This is one of the reasons why entertaining your chickens is very important. Another reason is nutrition, giving your chickens highly nutritious treats can help them in the process of egg production and with their well-being … Read more

When To Expect Your Hen To Lay Her First Egg – 3 MOST IMPORTANT Tips!

When To Expect Your Hen To Lay

It is not rare that a chicken lays its first egg too early or a bit late. This may cause many problems if a chicken keeper is not prepared to maintain the egg. To calculate the time when your hen will lay her first egg you will need to know a few things about that particular hen.  This is also a frequently asked question in our e-mails so these are the 3 MOST IMPORTANT Tips How To Know When To Expect Your Hen To Lay Her First Egg.

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5 Myths About Chicken Keeping That Non-Chicken Keepers Believe! (that are completely false)

5 Myths About Chicken Keeping

During the weekend an old college buddy of mine (who didn’t know I was keeping chickens) came to town with his wife and my family decided to invite them over for dinner.

When they came I was giving them the tour of the house and I showed them our flock – they were very surprised and started giving arguments about why they would never keep chickens or any animal other than cats and dogs.

As time passed this became our top subject over dinner and this is what made me present the idea about this article to my colleagues at the typesofchicken.com team.

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