Stress In Young Chicks – Causes & Prevention!

Stress In Young Chicks - Causes & Prevention!

Stress can be very bad for chickens, especially the young chicks that are still unfamiliar with the environment around them. There are lot more causes for stress in young chicks than in chickens, and there are some things that cause stress both in young chicks and older chickens.

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If You Are a Chicken Keeper, Then You Have Heard About These…

We have discussed a lot about the predator problems you can have while chicken keeping due to the small size and gentle nature chickens can have.

Unfortunately, predators are not the only concern to chicken keepers because chickens as much as any other animal are prone to pest problems.

What we at the typesofchicken.com team want to do with this article is inform our readers about the most common pests that your chickens can have problems with in order to help in the process of preventing of the same.

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