Protein For Your Chickens – 3 Recipes!

Protein is very important for your chickens, at all of their stages of life. Protein needs to be regularly given to your chickens and it is crucial in every diet that you put them on. As most of our readers already know we at the typesofchicken.com team love our unconventional recipes for chickens. We have already given you recipes with watermelon, corn and tuna and now it is time for us to present to you 3 fun recipes on how to give protein for your chickens.

1. The Protein Bomb

Tuna For Your ChickenMix tuna, meal worms and earthworms. Serve to your chickens by spreading the mixture on a rotten wooden stick/board. By spreading it on some long wooden board you will lower the chances of bullying and leave room for all of your chickens to peck. You can also add some of their favorite pecking treats or crushed baked egg shells for a variety of taste. Adding black oil sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are preferred by some.

2. The Nutty Protein Treat

You have some dried leftover nuts that you don’t want to eat, make the nutty protein treat for your chickens. Mix almonds, walnuts or chestnuts with some worms, sesame seeds and yogurt – this recipe is especially good for chickens that are beginning to show symptoms of molting. I like to fill a few plastic bottles with the mixture and make some holes in them in order for my chickens to peck easier. Just throw the bottles in the run when you let your chickens out, once the curiosity they have kicks in and they try it you will have no problem giving the nutty protein treat to your chickens.

3. Beans For Your Tired And Molting Chickens

I like to include worms in almost every fun recipe that I make for my chickens because I can see how much they love eating them. Cook some beans and add worms, sesame seeds and baked crushed eggshells. Don’t give your chicken uncooked beans. Serve it to your chickens by spreading the mixture on some rotten wooden board as we said about the protein bomb.

Protein For Your Chickens
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It is important that you have patience with your chickens when you are introducing them with new treats. Chickens are scared and the chances are they will not start eating something for the first time until they make sure that is safe for eating. When you are making these recipes if you want to make them more attractive for your chickens add the most of that ingredient that your chickens are familiar with the most. They will taste the new treats if they see something familiar in the mixture.

Did you enjoy this article? What kind of protein treats do you give to your chickens? Feel free to share your opinions and experiences with us trough the comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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