Top 5 Reasons Why Keeping Chickens Is Great For You!

Keeping chickens is not simple – it takes a lot of your money, time and strength. But if you do it properly it will absolutely be worth your while. We have discussed previously on many issues concerning chicken keeping as a process, How To`s and whatnot but we haven’t scratched one of the most obvious question that helps people decide on chicken keeping. Why to keep chickens is the first question that needs to be answered on this subject and we at the typesofchicken.com team apologize for being late on the matter, but without any further ado here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Keeping Chickens Is Great For You.

1. The Eggs

How To Keep Your Eggs Fresh
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Having a fresh batch of eggs daily doesn’t sound bad, and it has its own advantages. There is more to a chicken than her eggs of course and a prime example for that is that you can choose your chicken breed for the color, the quality or the size of the egg. The eggs are a crucial factor in choosing the right chicken breed for your flock. Even if you get chickens for the eggs you still need to feed them properly in order to get the best eggs.

2. The Meat

If you grew up on a farm and then transferred in the city, as many chicken keepers I know have we believe that you cannot get used to the taste of store bought meat. This is the reason many chicken keepers choose to keep a flock of their own backyard chickens. Some people argue on their life about the pleasure of eating meat of an animal that they have personally fed, that they themselves have the power of the quality of meat they get and that gives them more satisfaction while eating the meat.

3. The Friendliness

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In the last decade more and more people keep chickens as pets, chickens are known wider and wider for their friendliness. Every day more and more chickens are becoming part of human families. To keep chickens as pets and using the whole process as a family activity can help you teach your children the values of life and keeping their responsibilities in order. There are chicken breeds that are known for their abilities to be friends with human and other domestic animals alike.

4. To Save A Chicken`s Life

Every day, millions of chickens are getting killed in order of companies to fulfill the consumers need for chicken meat and eggs. By getting your own chickens and your own supply of meat and eggs you are basically saving the life of a chicken every day.

5. To Have A Pest Free Garden And Yard

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Chickens love their insects, insects are most likely in the Top 5 of every chicken`s types of food. Insects are also a good source of protein for your chickens. If you don’t want to use any chemicals to remove all the weeds and the insects of your garden and yard just let a flock of chickens roam through them. You can also use chickens to work on your garden soil.

Do you agree with our list? Why did you decide to keep backyard chickens? Feel free to share your opinions with us through the comment section or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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