How to train chickens to come when called? 5 easy steps for you to follow

Training chickens to come when called is a great way to keep them safe from predators and from getting lost. Chickens have a natural instinct to head back to the safety of their coop when they’re feeling scared, so being able to call them back to you can be a lifesaver.

They also tend to get away from their coop during the day, and if you’re not there to catch them, they can be at risk of being eaten.

Why is important to train your chickens?

Training chickens to come when called is important because it is good for the chickens, the farmer, and the environment.

Good for Chickens

Training chickens to come when called has many benefits for the chickens. Chickens, like other animals, are more likely to come when called if they are hungry, thirsty, or in need of medical attention. This makes it easier for the farmer to check on the animals. Also, you can sometimes save them from danger, if you spot any predator lurking around.
Lastly, it is important because it can make them more comfortable in their surroundings.

How To Train Chickens to Come When Called

Good for Farmer

The joy and happiness when a chicken comes to you! It’s also important to train them as your chickens will be more trusting of you, which will allow you to handle them better and more efficiently.

Follow these steps when you want your chicken to come at you

There are many ways to train your chicken to come when called. One of the most popular methods is to use a treat. It’s important to make sure that you are holding the treat in an open hand and make sure that your other hand is empty so that the chicken doesn’t think it has been captured. You should also call them by their name while you are holding the treat in an open hand.

1) Hold a treat in an open hand

If they come over, give them the treat and say “good girl”. Repeat this until they know that coming when called means getting a treat.

2) Call them by their name

This will help them learn what it means when you say their name, which will make it easier for them to come when you call for them later on down the line.

3) Move towards them while still holding the treat

4) Get them used to coming when called using a toy or sound

Find something that makes noise – like a toy or whistle – and show it to them while saying their name in order to teach them what “come” means.

5) Reward with the treat

After a few days of training, start calling them by their name while giving them the treat at the same time. This will help teach your chicken that when they hear their name being called, they will get a treat as a reward for coming to you.

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