How To Prepare For Hatching Your Own Eggs

Hatching your own eggs using an incubator is not simple if you haven’t done it before. There are some crucial things that you need to know before starting, and we at the team are happy to oblige. What we want to do with this article is help you prepare for the decision of hatching your own eggs. This is not a thing to be taken lightly, because you are basically deciding to take a life at your responsibility. If you plan or already are doing it this article would help you how to prepare for hatching your own eggs.

1. Before You Decide To Start

You need to have a proper conversation with your family about what you have decided to do. People around you can be affected by many of the aspects of the burden hatching your eggs can be. We have said it before chickens can smell and people around you may not like it. You also may want to check up the laws in your state, because for some states I understand hatching chickens and keeping them can be an issue.

2. Know Your Breeds

Knowing what you want is crucial if you want to incubate and hatch eggs. You need to know which breed is best at what, some breeds are known to give good eggs, and some are known to be friendly and good pets.

However, there are always exceptions and you need to be prepared to get something that you did not expect from your chicks.

3. Know Your Incubator

If you want to buy one or build your own incubator make sure that you do enough research on what kind of changes of the temperature and humidity of your home you need to make.

How To Prepare For Hatching Your Own Eggs

Lighting is also very important and we advice that you consider getting heat lambs. Whichever method you decide to use to get an incubator make sure that you know how it works and how can you fix something if it breaks.

Always double check how well your incubator works before you start with the eggs.

4. Not Every Egg Hatches

We have discussed before about the differences between natural and artificial incubation.

Don’t expect every egg to hatch a healthy chick. Although with the proper feeding you can make sure that most of them hatch. It is normal that some eggs fail so don’t get disappointed.

Hatching Your Own Eggs
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The more you get used to doing this the more successful batches of eggs and chicks you will have.

5. You Will Lose More Time Then Expected

Artificial incubation or hatching your own eggs takes a lot of time and effort.

So make sure that you have a free calendar or that you ask one of your family members or friends to help you with the regular daily check-ups of the eggs. We do not want to start writing about the things that can go wrong because you may get discouraged.

Our goal is to prepare you as much as we can so that when you start breeding your own chickens via an incubator that you make less and less mistakes.


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