3 Easy DIY PROJECTS To Keep Your Chickens Warm Without Heat Lamps!!

First of all, every heat lamp made in a factory is made with safety measures. They go through safety tests before they get on the market. However, what heat lamps do is produce heat. Sometimes it is more the environment around the heat that can make it into something dangerous. Especially around animals. This is why sometimes chicken keepers prefer to keep chickens warm without heat lamps.

The safer way is not the easier, it can be hard to keep your chickens warm without any electronics during winter. People use many different methods to replace the heat lamp in the coop. Dependable on the coop and the number of chickens, there is a lot of room to improvise.

3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Chickens Warm Without Heat Lamps
1. A Simple Chore For The Children That Makes All The Difference

One of the smartest moves every chicken keeper can make is to include their family in the process.

Furthermore, if you give your children simple daily tasks can teach them responsibility and give them working habits. Both of these are very important for every growing child in modern society.

Keeping Your Chickens Without Heat Lamps
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Get an old blanket that you won’t need back. Heat a gallon of water and fill a plastic gallon bottle with it. Cover the bottle with the blanket tightly and put it in the coop.

This will keep them active and it is a good indicator of how well their pecking order works. Every winter night you should bring the blanket covered bottle with freshly heated water in the coop.

2. If You Are In The Process Of Coop Building This Is The Right Time To Think About This

When building your coop make sure that you can close and open some of the ventilation sources in the coop. Or add a door to existing ones. There has to be ventilation in the coop even in the winter.

Keeping your chickens without heat lamps
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However, if you can control the amount of cold air that gets inside the coop you can see if your chickens are cold easily and how much you can open or close.

In addition, this simple way will give you more options even in the summer when ventilation is even more important.

3. Consider Improving The Coop Even MORE!!

Another way chicken keepers have found to keep chickens warm without heat lamps is adding a part to the coop. In order for this to work, it is extremely relevant that you already have room to move in the coop.

You can have an extra wooden board which can cover some of the empty space in the coop. As a result, your chickens will have less cold air to move around in the coop and therefore they will be warm.

But as much as any other way to keep your chickens warm this also can be dangerous. Especially if when you close a part of the coop the coop gets overcrowded. This can lead to bullying and disturbance in the pecking order.

Keeping your chickens without heat lamps
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In conclusion. Always remember that heat lamps are safe to use and if you plan on using them always make sure that your chickens cannot touch them. Nothing that can burn or melt either.

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