Can Chickens Eat Squash Blossoms?

chickens eat squash blossoms

In the realm of backyard poultry keeping, exploring diverse and nutritious dietary options for chickens is a perennial endeavor. Among the various garden delights, squash blossoms emerge as a picturesque and nutritious choice. As the summer garden flourishes, the bright, yellow blooms of squash plants beckon, raising the question among poultry enthusiasts: can chickens partake in the … Read more

Can chickens eat daisies? (other flowers included)

Are daisies safe for chickens

I always wondered do chickens eat daisies? -The answer is yes, chickens can eat daisies. In fact, they love slurping daisy flowers.

Is this the year you’re planning a flower garden? Are you interested in growing plants that serve many purposes? You may be curious as to what kinds of flowers chickens like.

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