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As many of our readers already know Mondays at typesofchicken.com are reserved for our weekly Pros & Cons articles about keeping a particular chicken breed. For this Monday we decided to change something and that was us wanting to discuss The Heritage Breeds, what they are and what makes them special. On this article you will also find what is the criteria for a breed to become heritage. Concerning out weekly Pros & Cons articles they will be continued regularly next Monday.


For a long while chickens have been on the menu in America, be it as eggs or the meat of the winged creature itself. At the point when pilgrims landed in this nation, they carried with them chickens. As time passed, those chickens were reared and new breeds emerged from their genealogy. The movement of rearing has prompted a great deal of breed tweaking for upgrades and alluring qualities, for example, with half breed manifestations that grow faster. As a result of this, the first breeds have been reared less often to the point where some are undermined with eradication.

To be regarded a Heritage Breed, The Livestock Conservancy perceives the accompanying criteria, all of which must be met at the same time:

  1. Winged creatures must be reproduced from stock perceived by the American Poultry Association. This stock probably been perceived before the center of the twentieth century and hereditary ancestry must be traceable through a few eras. Basically, eggs must be laid by certain Heritage Breeds to be regarded Heritage themselves. Additionally fundamental is meeting the rules for the Standard of Perfection for that breed.

  2. Mating of Heritage Breeds must happen the natural way and hereditary integrity must be kept up.

  3. These breeds must have the capacity to live as expected actually with a long life range and profitable scope of 5-7 years for female and 3-5 years for male chickens. They ought to have the capacity to live outside. Free ranging is also recommended depending on the environment where the chickens are raised.

  4. Moderate to moderate development rates must exist with business sector weight being accomplished in no not exactly a 16 week time allotment. It requires this measure of investment for solid organs and skeletal frameworks to completely create and for the working of appropriate muscle.

Utilized conversely to portray Heritage Breeds are words, for example, legacy, out-dated, and collectible. These words have the same importance as the genuine term “Legacy” and ought to be comprehended in that capacity. A significant part of the explanation for characterizing Heritage Breeds is basically to attract regard for them. By conveying such feathered creatures to the front line of people groups’ recollections, it turns out to be likely that those individuals will take an enthusiasm for those winged creatures. The trust is that through starting intrigue that endeavors will be made at reproducing and protection in the trusts of re-presenting Heritage Chickens.

Do you own Heritage Breeds, what are your favorite Heritage Breeds available? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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