5 Myths About Chicken Keeping That Non-Chicken Keepers Believe! (that are completely false)

5 Myths About Chicken Keeping

During the weekend an old college buddy of mine (who didn’t know I was keeping chickens) came to town with his wife and my family decided to invite them over for dinner.

When they came I was giving them the tour of the house and I showed them our flock – they were very surprised and started giving arguments about why they would never keep chickens or any animal other than cats and dogs.

As time passed this became our top subject over dinner and this is what made me present the idea about this article to my colleagues at the typesofchicken.com team.

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How to Make Your Garden Chicken Proof & 5 DIY TRICKS!

How to Make Your Garden Chicken Proof

In some of our previous articles, we at the typesofchicken.com team gave you the idea to let your chicken roam in your garden, and some of you complained that with doing that the chickens ruin some parts of it. So after some research and usage of our improvisation skills, we team found a few ways for you to let your chicken roam in your garden and keep your garden products protected at the same time.

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How to Recognize a Good Egg Yolk & How to Get a Bright Orange Egg Yolk?

How to Recognize a Good Egg Yolk

We have all experienced different shade of yellow egg yolks and for most of the people the color of their egg yolks does not make a difference, but it does.

The color of the egg yolk is more important than you know, when the color of your egg yolk is bright orange this means that your eggs are coming from a healthy hen.

That is why we at the typesofchicken.com team have decided to give an article about the importance of the egg yolk color, and what you can do to get the bright orange egg yolks.

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3 Easy Tips on Keeping Your Chickens Happy in The Summer!

how to keep chickens in the summer, raising chicken, chicken coop, backyard chickens

Some time ago we gave you some tips on how to feed and care for your chickens in the winter, and from your feedback, we found out that some of you have problems with another season, like summer.

Because of the number of their feathers, your chickens can feel very hot in the summer and that affects their behavior a lot.

The heat makes your chickens lack hydration because of the sweating, and they also lack proteins and a lot of important and needed nutritious materials.  

So we at the typesofchicken.com team have decided to share with you some simple and easy tips on how to keep your chickens happy in the summer.

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[Updated 2020] Treats For Chickens!

Treats for your chickens

Like children and adults, chickens also need treats that will motivate them to live healthy and happy. Unlike children and adults, the treats for chickens are different and are more nutritious.

Any fruit is the best treat for your chicken.

Compared to human treats that mostly comprises of chocolates, candies, and other sweets, chicken treats are more on veggies and fruits.

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3 Main Reasons Why Is The Position of Your Chicken Coop Important!

position of your chicken coop

In our recent articles, the typesofchicken.com Team has covered most of the basics of keeping chickens, so now it is time for us to dig a little deeper, for example – why is the position of your chicken coop important for your chickens.

We have discussed already how important is the behavior of your chickens for their reproduction process, and one of the things that affect their behavior the most is the position of their chicken coops.

You will be amazed how big of a factor is this thing for your chickens.

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Materials For Chicken Coop That You Can Find Everywhere!

Materials for chicken coop

When you are ready to buy your construction materials and supplies, to save on expenses, it is recommended that you shop for your chicken coop building supplies from second-hand shops. You never know the kind of bargain you will be able to find in these shops. Or if you have it available in your own stock.

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