How Not To Check Your Chicken Gender – 3 Worst Methods!!!

We at the typesofchicken.com team strive to give our readers useful and correct information concerning everything about the life of a chicken keeper.

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We also give our best to spend some time on the many ways that you can have fun with your chickens. Some time ago we gave you an article about how to check your chicken gender, and now it is time for us to share with you how NOT to check your chicken gender and the 3 worst methods of doing it.

1. Checking The Gender By The Egg Shape

Check Your Chicken Gender
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The shape of the egg that the chick comes from will not tell you which gender your chick will grow into.

Many arguments support that this method is useless but the argument we like to use is that the shape of the egg is defined by the breed and not the gender.

However, some people have said that this method worked 75% of the time for them, but not for all breeds. So maybe there are some breeds that can prove that this method works, but since it doesn’t work for all breeds we recommend that you try another way to check your chick’s gender.

2. Holding The Chick Upside Down

We cant make the sense why would a method like this work – when you hold the chick upside down if it struggles it is a cockerel, if it doesnt struggle it is a pullet.

This is a completely false method to check the gender of your chicks and we highly recommend that you DO NOT use it! In worst cases you may injure or even kill the chick so as we said – DO NOT use it!

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3. Holding by the neck

Have you ever seen a chicken keeper check the gender of the chick by holding it by the neck using two fingers?

If the answer is yes – why didn’t you slap him? If the answer is no – well when you do – SLAP HIM!

Truly this is the dumbest idea ever to check the gender of your chick – it is said that when you lift up a chick by the neck, if it struggles with its legs then it is a male, if it doesn’t struggle but just lifts the legs up then it is a female.

Completely inaccurate, and as we said about the “holding the chick upside down” method this method can also lead to your chick`s death so – DO NOT use it!

Check Your Chicken Gender
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If you have used any of these methods before we at the typesofchicken.com team would recommend that you use different methods that are more accurate.

What we would also want to recommend is if you want to be completely sure about the gender of your chick that you consult with your local vet or hatchery. The methods that you can use around your coop are mostly not completely accurate even the ones that we recommend.

Did you enjoy this article? Do you have some methods that don’t work to share with us, make sure that you do that through our comment section or via e-mail at support@typesofchicken.com

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3 thoughts on “How Not To Check Your Chicken Gender – 3 Worst Methods!!!”

  1. The egg method actually works without fail.

    It’s very simple!

    If it lays an egg, it’s safe to say it’s NOT a rooster.

    Just thought I’d pass this great insight on down the line, for what it’s worth.

    Just joking, I want y’all to know how much I enjoy the information I always get reading your materials.

    Thank you,
    Buddy Sommons

  2. The first time I ever got chicks I wanted only pullets and some guy did the two finger method. I thought he was crazy but didn’t know any better. Both chicks turned out to b roosters.


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