A Thing Chickens And Humans Have In Common – BIRTH CONTROL!!

Chickens have a strict pecking order and one of things the pecking order does is show the hens which one of their flock roosters is the alpha rooster and that he is the rooster that they need to mate with. However, from time to time a rooster that is placed lower in the flock ranks, mates with a hen and this is bad for business (according to the pecking order) and that is about when the hen decides to eject  the sperm of the lower end rooster.

The hens can choose if they should get fertilized by a certain rooster or not. However, this is much more complicated than it sounds, especially if you think about how smart can chickens be.

And how did the humans get to this discovery – by conducting an experiment.

Scientists lined up 6 roosters by the order of their social status. Then introduced them one by one to the hen and what was the most interesting about this experiment is that no matter in what order the roosters were introduced to the hen, she still would eject the sperm of the roosters from the lower ends of the pecking order.

Unfortunately for the roosters in the lower ranks, this is very possible. Most believe this is due to the need of the birds to survive through the ages and due to the fact that they are gentle and very prone to predators they got instincts to let the strongest mate and the lesser not.


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