3 Summer Treats for Chickens!!!

Summer is right around the corner and your chickens deserve the best that you can offer them in order to pass the summer happy and healthy. As most of our readers already know we at the typesofchicken.com team love the treats we provide for our chickens. In the treats we give to our chickens variety is very important to us and we try to provide different treats for different occasions to our chickens. As we said summer is coming and a few extra recipes for cold and healthy treats with eggs that will be fun to eat as well as refreshing for your chickens will do good to every chicken keeper.

Frozen Scrambled Eggs For Your Chickens Are Always A Good Idea!

Summer Treats for Chickens
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Scrambled eggs are a common treat for chickens any time of the year but with a little imagination you can prepare a treat for your chickens using scrambled eggs that will be the best thing they have ever tasted in any hot summer day. Prepare scrambled eggs as you always do, adding sesame seeds and crushed eggshells is good to do but not necessary. Pour the scrambled eggs mixture into a muffin tin or something alike and then put it in the freezer. Once the mixture is frozen remove it from the muffin tin and present it to your chickens by spreading the icy scrambled eggs around the run and that will make the whole process of getting the treat more fun and healthy for them.

2. The Ice Cold Egg Necklace Treat Is What Your Chickens Will Need To Beat The Summer Heat!

Hard boil some eggs and then peel them and cut them in half in order to separate the egg whites and the yolks. For this recipe we prefer using the egg whites only but you can feel free to give it a try with the yolks also. Using a needle and a string connect the egg whites together. Put the connected egg whites in the freezer and wait for them to get frozen. Once the egg whites are frozen connect the string as high as your chickens are. Connect them a little loose so that they will look as a necklace and let your chickens peck away at them. It is usually recommended to use half an egg white per chicken.

3. Egg Salad For Your Chickens Is Refreshing For Them & Easy To Make!

For this recipe you will need any leftover green vegetable, hard boiled eggs, sesame seeds, black oil sunflower seeds and baked crushed eggshells. Peel the eggs and cut them into smaller pieces so that they can fit in your blender. Put the leftover green vegetable in the blender together with the eggs and mix them well. After that add the sesame seeds, black oil sunflower seeds and the baked crushed eggshells in the mixture and mix them using a spoon. Put the mixture in the freezer for some time but don`t let it freeze. Present it to your chickens in a bucket or something similar and wait until they start to dip their beaks in the mixture and you will know why this recipe ended up on this list.

How do you keep your chickens cool in the summer? Share your ideas with us in the comments below or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com

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