10 Simple Games and Activities For Your chickens!

chicken games

Keeping your chickens happy is very important for them, it affects their health massively and the quality of their eggs. After a few articles about DIY toys for your chickens now it is time for us to share something with those readers who don’t have the room or the means to build their chicken some toys. It is never bad to give some extra attention to your chickens and the most fun way to do that is to give them activities and games when they are on their run. Chickens are omnivores, they love to eat almost anything and almost everything is safe for them to eat. With these simple chicken games you will have fun in your backyard.

Games and tasty rewards

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1. The simplest game you can play with them is racing, get some small round treats (beans, grapes etc.) and roll them onto some hard surface such as your porch. Make sure that your chickens are watching you do it and they will run for them in no time. Watching chicken race after some treats is very fun and enjoyable to watch.

2. Make a few small holes in the ground, than place something they enjoy pecking at, like apples or peaches. Put the fruit in the holes then cover it with some hay. The chickens will notice the aroma of the treat and they will search for it for some time and after finding it they will get their delicious treats.

3. Grab a chair, get your chickens, take some peas or grapes and toss them in the air. The chickens will jump to grab them and this can last for an hour until they get very tired.

4. Chickens love to peck at rotting logs as much as any other bird – pack an old rotting log with some treat like banana or cover it in some yogurt or cooked rice. Present it to them and watch them peck at it for a long time.

5. A broken open pumpkin in their yard is very good for the health of your chickens. Plus it is fun for them to dig through it. When they get used to it you can place whole pumpkins in their run.

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6. Get a bag of frozen cranberries, then just open it and roll the shiny cranberries in their run. If your chickens pay attention and notice them rolling in the same moment will start to chase them.

7. Watermelons are one of those treats that let you get creative, you can cut in half and it will move as your chickens will try to eat it, or make frozen cubes for them to peck at. Cut it into rings and tie it with a rope, when your chickens start to eat it, pull it – this is a very fun pass time activity just make sure you don’t hurt them.

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8. Cooked spaghetti can be very fun for your chickens, just hang some of them on your fence or anywhere high enough for them to get one end of the spaghetti. Try to improvise with different kinds of pasta – you will not regret it.

9. Pour some yogurt into a bag with a small hole in it. Hang the bag somewhere high where your chicken cannot reach it. Then watch your chickens try to catch every drop of yogurt that falls down from the hole in the bag.

10. Get some meaty bones (make sure that it is not chicken meat) and spread them across the chicken run. The chickens will drag and pull them away and sometimes even hide it in their coop from the rest of the flock.

These are the 10 games and activities we at the typesofchicken.com team enjoy with our chickens, if you have any more ideas or habits of this kind make sure you share it with us.