types of chicken

Types of Chickens

Here you can find different types of chicken known world-wide. There are a lot of birds in this world, and chickens are the most populated one.

Each of these chickens produces fresh eggs, it is up to you to decide which one you would like to pet and have in your backyard chicken coop. We want to help you decide what chicken will fit your chicken coop perfectly.

Plymouth Rock chicken

This chicken with stripes 🙂 comes from the United States. This is very hard working chicken 🙂 with very high percentage on laying eggs. All seasoned chicken able to produce quality eggs, and even better meat. MUST HAVE CHICKEN.

Plymouth Rock chicken


This beauty comes from Australia, black is her favorite color and her main responsibility is to produce beautiful brown eggs. She starts the day very early, usually, 5 o’clock am, so be ready to rrrrUUUMBLEE. ALSO MUST HAVE CHICKEN

Australorp Chicken

Orpington chicken

Chick from England mate, doesn’t like tea, can be seen in dark strange places drinking water. Can be used for anything except football. :)) COOL CHICK.

Orpington Chicken

Leghorn chicken

Buongiorno, I am always dressed in white because i want so. I am the princess here, all dressed in white, come and have a bite.

White Leghorns Chicken


Fluffy chicken in any color u can imagine.

The most friendly type of chicken, if you are looking for chicken pet, this is the perfect type for you. Usually producing three eggs a week which is great. Do you know any pet more productive than this? I don’t think so!

White Silkie

Rhode Island Red

American women, regular type of chicken which can be used as egg producing or meat. Very good production, 260 brown eggs per year. Can you handle it?

Rhode Island Red


Hello, I am ameraucana and i usually wear my Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten and White coat. I produce blue eggs, and if you are looking for fun I am always here for you. I don’t have any special requirements, except good friend and full plate. (Sorry for being honest) 😛

Ameraucana Chicken

Cochin chicken

鸡来自中国   You don’t know what that means, because you are not from China as I am, but don’t worry i won’t get mad. I eat a lot of food and that’s why I am the biggest chicken around here, as a reward for that i produce beautiful brown eggs. 😉

Cochin chicken

Wyandotte chicken

Wyandotte second type from United States, can be seen in different colors. Good egg production – 200 brown eggs per year, if you have great scoop for her. Sometimes wants to show off her beauty by spreading its wings.

Wyandotte chicken

Brahma chicken

Another type coming from the United States, large chicken with roots from Chinese port Shangai. Excellent for winter with 150 brown eggs per year.

Brahma chicken

Sussex chicken

I have my own Sussex breed club formed in 1903, I come from England, and that’s what we do, we form clubs. I am also well known in the United States, 250 brown eggs per year.

Sussex Chicken

Araucana Chicken

Araucana special chicken with unusually blue eggs. Chicken with long history in the United States, originally coming from Chile. Specific egg color. 

Araucana Chicken

Cornish chicken

Extremely wild chicken, don’t even consider to pet, brown eggs – 180 per year if she wants to.

Cornish chicken


Coming from France, Marans is chicken, which produces brown eggs – 150 per year, which is not bad for France. Very loved chicken type. Looks pretty good.

Marans Chicken


Doesn’t want lay eggs, chilling is her thing. Not bad for a pet, but it seeks attention and company.

Rosecomb Chicken ( typesofchicken.com )

Asil chicken

Pakistanian ‘’chicken’’ which does not lay eggs. 40 eggs per year, maximum is not even considered to be laying hen. Do not get this type of chicken in your chicken coop. It would raise suspicion among the other layers.

Asil Chicken

Faverolles chicken

Faverolles, another kind from France, but this one very good and friendly. Excellent egg layer – 240 per year, white eggs specialization. Show off bird big type.

Faverolles Chicken

Jersey Giant

Jersey Giant breed of chicken coming from the United States (New Jersey) Big big big brown eggs, about 260 per year which is very very productive for you to have in your chicken coop. I would definitely get this breed.

Jersey Giant Chicken

Ancona chicken

Italian Flair, an extravagant breed of chicken producing white eggs – 180 per year.

Ancona chickens


Netherlands type of chicken, known as a the quiet one. Good producers of quality brown eggs, 180 per year. If you want peace, this is the type of chicken for your coop.

Barnevelder Chicken

New Hampshire chicken

The most known breed of chicken is of course The new Hampshire from the United States. Poultry farmers are in love with this chicken due to her production which is 280 brown eggs per year. Must have chicken for your chicken coop, does not have any special requirements.

New Hampshire Chicken

Buckeye chicken

Buckeye another US chicken breed. Born in Ohio, given the Ohio’s nickname Buckeye state, dual usage. Decent laying ability with 200 brown eggs, but very strong meat production. Excellent chicken for you to keep in your chicken coop.

Buckeye chicken

Andalusian chicken

Spanish breed of chicken, another type of Andalusian chicken was created in England.Does not need any special treatment, producing 165 white eggs per year.

Andalusian chicken


Dutch breed of chicken, most used for egg production due to their size and quality eggs. Chicken combined from different and finest chicken types, only to serve to quality eggs. Produces 180 brown eggs per year.

Welsummer Chicken

Naked Neck

Not good looking breed of chicken with combined origin. Known for her ‘’naked neck’’. Really this chicken has really strange looking neck. Producing 100 brown eggs per year. Our recommendation – do not buy it – It is ugly!!!

Naked Neck Chicken

Old English Game Fowl

English born chicken, with very high price for you to raise in your chicken coop. According the egg production (160 eggs per year) it is not smart investition for you to do. There are better chicken, keep looking.

Old English Game fowl chicken

Dorking chicken

Breed from Italy with long history, known for five toed legs. White shelled egg – 140 per year. Also there are better chickens, stay tuned.

Dorking Chicken

Polish chicken

European breed of chicken, originally from Poland. Long feathers covering most of the body. Ugly chicken to have, but productive 200 white eggs per year. The decision is yours.

Polish chicken

Houdan chicken

French type of chicken, originally from Paris. Very common breed of chicken to be kept in your backyard, good looking, friendly chicken. producing 150 white eggs per year.

Houdan chicken

Minorca chicken

This chicken breed is coming from Spain, very endangered chicken breed with risk of extinction. Production 120 white eggs per year. Buy it if you can find it. You will definitely have fun with it. 

Minorca chicken


Belgium chicken breed in the heart of Europe. black and white is her coat, can be very flighty and very active character. Producing 160 white eggs per year. Good for big chicken coops in your backyard.

Campine Chicken

Barbu d’Uccle

I don’t like this chicken, so…. Anyways, 104 eggs per year, has a rose comb and a creamy color. This chicken is coming from the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium.

Barbu d'Uccle Chicken

Sebright chicken

WoW WoooW, hold on, golden eggs,Buuuut very difficult for you to keep in your chicken coop due to her character, but heeey golden eggs! 🙂

Sebright Chicken

Chantecler chicken

Chantecler Chicken

Modern Game fowl

Modern Game is considered excellent pets for the suburban poultry keeper, great type of chicken for you to keep in your chicken coop. Very friendly toward people, but has low egg production, 50 white eggs per year. 🙁

Gamefowl farms, fighting roosters, game chickens, rooster fightings


Chicken breed from Germany and the Netherlands. white colored chicken with black tail and neck, producing 150 white eggs per year. NOoot bad

Lakenvelder Chickens

Dominique chicken

The domenique chicken is type coming from the United States. Looking very dangerous because of the striped dark gray and light gray feathers, producing 230 brown eggs per year. Must have chicken in your chicken coop.

Dominique Chickens

Booted Bantam

We don’t like this chicken either, but if you want it, she will reward you with 160 white eggs per year. It is up to you to decide what type of chicken you will keep in your chicken coop.

Booted Bantams Chickens

Barbu d’Anvers

Very very small sized chicken from Belgium, known in the United States as the Antwerp Belgian, producing incredible 250 white eggs per year. Must have chicken in your chicken coop.

Barbu d'Anvers Chickens

La Flèche chicken

French breed of chicken, delicious meat, served in high level restaurants in France. A dual-purpose chicken, but yea mostly served in plate :(.

La Flèche chicken


Croad Langshan

Made in China, strong and good looking chicken. Very strong chicken fun to have for your chicken coop. Lays 150 brown eggs per year.

Croad Langshan Chickens

Orloff chicken

Orloff is a breed of chicken coming from Russia. Great for winter conditions, 100 brown eggs per year.

Russian Orloff Chicken

Java chicken

Fashion model chicken, always on a diet with unusual consummation of food. Good for backyard keepers, both good eggs and meat. Beautiful brown eggs – 150 per year.

Mottled Java chicken

Rhode Island White

Another Rhode island breed of chicken – Whitey. Excellent egg layer 280 brown eggs per year, don’t think twice about this chicken, just get it.

Rhode Island White Chicken

American Game fowl

Known as crazy chicken do not even look at it. If you have one of this, you already saw that she is ripping everything in “the pit”.

American Game Fowl


CUbalaya breed of chicken from Cuba with very strange tail, long and pointy. I don’t want that in my chicken coop (do not know about you)

Cubalaya Chicken

Japanese bantam

Japanese Bantams are truly one of the ancient breeds and have no large fowl counterpart. They have the shortest legs of all the breeds and can be normal-feathered, Silkie-feathered or frizzle-feathered. The neat wings are held low, and this combined with the short legs invariably mean that the wing tips touch the ground. Being a trusting bird they’re ideal if you want a breed that children can look after.

Japanese bantam chicken

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