Which are the most frequent chicken health problems? How to recognize the bad signals?

chicken health problems

In raising and maintaining chickens, it is very important that they are well cared so as to stay healthy and fit. We have already discussed about the importance of having a healthy flock (look at the article on how to raise healthy chickens in few steps). The tips inside the article do really guarantee success. … Read more

How To Treat Vent Gleet In Chickens?

With chicken, keeping comes involvement in managing unsavory sickness and malady, and vent gleet is no special case.

Otherwise called cloacitis or thrush, vent gleet is parasitic contamination that, as the name proposes, demonstrates its nearness at the vent.

This ailment, which can influence digestive and regenerative frameworks, is fortunately not infectious amongst flying creatures except for fowls who are mating as it can be spread through sexual contact from a female to a male chicken. Moreover, it can affect chickens of all ages and genders.

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