She Knits Sweaters for rescued “battery hens” to keep them warm in winter!

Nicola Congdon, 30 year old from England, got an idea how to keep her chickens warm in winter. She and her mother Ann knit wooly sweaters for her 30 rescued chickens or “battery hens”. Those adorable sweaters keep them warm and happy throughout the winter. Nicole has 60 chickens, but 30 are rescued chickens and … Read more

DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer with Nipple Drippers

DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer

Just like us humans, pets and livestock need clean drinking water to stay healthy. When it comes to raising chickens, the water gets easily dirty with beddings and droppings.   Clean water is not just necessary for good health – it also plays a big role on egg production. When you deprive your chickens with … Read more

Disease Prevention for Chickens

Disease Prevention for Chickens

Chickens can pick up diseases from living microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, mycoplasma or parasites that can cause infections. As with most infections, these diseases are contagious and can be spread from one chicken to the whole flock. Prevention of infections and spreading of it is vital for you to have a healthy and successful … Read more

Great solutions to reduce Chicken Feed waste

Wasted chicken feeds can cost you more than you’re willing to charge as wastage. So if you’re planning or are already raising chickens in your backyard, keeping wastage to a minimum is essential. Your choice of chicken feeder will help you save on feeds by reducing or eliminating wasted feeds. Although store-bought poultry feeders are … Read more

Do chickens get upset when their eggs get taken by humans?

Unless they’re broody, chickens don’t give a hoot in hell if we take any eggs, unfertilized or fertile. Sorry if this doesn’t fit your mother hen as a loving devoted mother cherished idea but, fact is? Hens are totally indifferent to their eggs except and unless nature has kicked in and told them to brood, … Read more

Do raccoons eat chickens?

Want to know what killed your chicken? Do raccoons eat chickens? Well, the short answers is YES. Raccoons are very stealthy animals, they hunt in the middle of the night. They want “easy” food. Also, they are more prone to raiding a trash bag. Raccoons are opportunists. They eat pretty much everything, and on occasion, … Read more

Why are Pet Chickens becoming more popular?

Pet Chickens

Speaking for my wife and I, we initially rescued some ex-battery hens, destined for who knows where, at an auction, they didn’t cost us much, one little lady had no feathers on, and we didn’t buy them expecting any eggs, that was the whole reason the commercial egg farmers were auctioning their girls off in … Read more

6 Awesome DIY Chicken Dust Bath ideas

Many people new to raising chickens are not aware of a chicken dust bath, but it is one of the most important things chooks should have for overall health. It is as important as food and water! Do you need some chicken dust bath ideas? What is a chicken dust bath? A chicken dust bath is … Read more

Chickens And The Stargazing Problem

Stargazing is a term that alludes to a condition where a chick can’t hold its head upright. Rather, the chicks head tumbles in reverse and rests upon its back, giving the feeling that the chick is taking a gander at the sky, or stargazing.

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