Can chickens eat algae? *harmful or not*

Can chickens eat algae?

You’ve just had a pond built and you want to give your chickens the best food possible. Good for you! We all want the best for our chickens. Consequently, you’re asking yourself if your chickens can eat algae. It is certainly conceivable to feed your chickens with algae. Chances are you are already feeding them … Read more

Tips On How To Raise Friendly Chickens! *You will be surprised with Number 2*

raise friendly chickens

In our previous articles, we at the typesofchicken.com team were mostly focused on the usage of chickens as products, which breeds give the best meat, what to feed your chicken to get the best eggs, and more. But from what we`ve learned from some of your e-mails, it seems like some of our regular readers … Read more

10 DIY Toys for Chickens

Chickens love to get busy. They enjoy running around, scratching, and pecking at things all the time. Now when they can’t find anything that resembles those activities, they get bored. And when they do, it could lead to unhealthy behavior and cause serious health problems for your chooks. Your chickens are going to peck each other, and … Read more

Keeping Ancona Chicken: Eggs, Temperament & More Tips

Ancona Chickens

As many of our readers already know, Mondays at typesofchicken.com are reserved for our weekly Pros & Cons articles concerning a particular chicken breed. We have written articles about many of your favorite chicken breeds such as the Silkies, the Cornish, Buff Orpington, American Game Chicken, and more. This Monday the Ancona chicken breed comes … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Grapes? (seeds, raisings, and leaves included)

You know, the loveable fowls which make delicious eggs and seem to run wild in a mini-version of Jurassic Park? These chickeny creatures are not only super funny, but they have a voracious appetite. And that got us wondering: Can chickens eat grapes? Yes, it’s safe for chickens to eat grapes. Grapes contain lots of … Read more

Keeping Multiple Roosters – 5 tips

Keeping Multiple Roosters

Roosters are not so easy to keep, at least not as much as hens. Chicken keepers that keep their chickens for the eggs usually don`t want to keep roosters in their flock.  

There are, however, many chicken keepers that cannot imagine their flock without a couple of roosters – if you are one of them or want to be – this article is for you. We have prepared for you this article about 5 tips for Keeping Multiple Roosters in order to oblige the big number of our readers that wanted to know more about rooster keeping.

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How To Care For Your Baby Chicks!!!

baby chicks

We at the typesofchicken.com team have already covered the question of what to feed chickens to get the best eggs, and now it is time for us to do our part and tell you how to care for the baby chicks that come out of those eggs.

Just like any newborn animal the chickens are at their most sensitive and vulnerable state while they are still in the “chick” phase of their life. This is why your chicks will need more attention and care than the average adult chicken.

Baby chicks are soft, and they want to cuddle so if you have children it would be a great idea for them to spend time with the chicks. Mind that this article is about the first few weeks of your chick’s life.

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How to train chickens to come when called? 5 easy steps for you to follow

Training chickens to come when called is a great way to keep them safe from predators and from getting lost. Chickens have a natural instinct to head back to the safety of their coop when they’re feeling scared, so being able to call them back to you can be a lifesaver. They also tend to … Read more

Pros & Cons About Keeping New Hampshire Chickens

New Hampshire Chickens

Well, yet another Monday is here, and like every other Monday, since we started this page, it is time for our weekly Pros & Cons about keeping New Hampshire chickens.

We chose the New Hampshire chickens for today`s article because we want to share with our readers productive and famous breeds with all of their good and bad attributes.

Last week, we had our quick guide on raising Bantam chickens, their Pros & Cons and since we had a bantam chicken breed it is only fair to provide our readers with an article about one of the larger breeds available.

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Why raising backyard chickens is getting popular?

Why raising backyard chickens is getting popular?

If you look at local news articles, the internet, or even other publications nowadays, you should not be surprised if you would be able to see an article or even plenty of articles about raising backyard chickens.  This is because the trend of having these animals in your backyard has slowly picked up steam and … Read more