Pros & Cons About Keeping Wyandotte Chickens

Keeping Wyandotte Chickens

Monday`s at are reserved for our weekly Pros & Cons articles concerning a particular chicken breed.

As we said many times before we write these articles based on our own opinions and experiences as well as research. There are exceptions in every breed so if you have had a different experience with the breed in question feel free to share them with us. For this Monday we decided to do an article about the Wyandotte chicken breed.

If you are interested in any other particular breed check out the rest of our Pros & Cons articles.


1. Extremely Active ( As A Good Thing )

Keeping Wyandotte Chickens
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Great foragers and extremely active chickens. The Wyandotte chickens are famous for their ability to be energetic and playful. They won’t let anything get in their way and that can also be a pro as much as it can be a con.

2. Great Layers

The Wyandotte chicken breed is capable of providing you with a large number of eggs.

Of course, you need to have the means to provide them with the nutritious materials are needed in order for a hen to lay quality eggs you will be more than satisfied with the outcome.

Due to their size, the Wyandotte chickens are able to lay large eggs.

The size of the eggs that this breed brings to the table should not be a concern to any chicken keeper.

3. Great Color Spectrum

Keeping Wyandotte Chickens
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The Wyandotte chickens are available in a huge variety of colors and that makes them special to many chicken keeping enthusiasts.

From red to silver laced the colors this chicken breed is available in can make them fit in any color scheme if you are into that kind of stuff.


1. Extremely Active ( As A Bad Thing )

Keeping Wyandotte Chickens
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This can be a bad thing because of extremely active means that they will be also flighty and can be bullies.

Due to their size being large they will feel superior to other chickens and that will give them the freedom to bully them until the pecking order is formed.

Some chicken keepers say that only their Wyandotte chickens disturbed the pecking order.

2. Not Too Friendly

Keeping Wyandotte Chickens
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Although extremely beautiful with the variety of colors they are available in, the Wyandotte chickens do not want to pet.

They can get aggressive towards other animals and children, but we believe that with the proper care even Wyandotte chickens can be taught to be friendly.

The best thing to do is get them as young as possible and give your best to train them properly.

3. Not Good In Handling Heat

Keeping Wyandotte Chickens
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The Wyandotte chickens are not very good in handling the heat so they will most likely need some special attention during the hot summer days.

It is important that they receive proper ventilation and have fresh water during the day.

Also, some shade in your run can help them have easier summers and you to get more quality eggs from them.

What is your experience with this breed?

Share them with us in the comment section below or via e-mail

Pros & Cons Keeping WYANDOTTE Chickens
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5 Comments on “Pros & Cons About Keeping Wyandotte Chickens”

  1. Active and not friendly? You’ve gotta be kidding! In my experience (many years raising and 10+ showing poultry) Wyandottes are good foragers but not at all flighty. I have never had problems with cooping in winter, unlike several other breeds, these birds seem to get along with others of all sizes and breeds. They do not tend to feather pull or be aggressive to other birds as long as they have the minimum recommended space requirements. Wyandottes are very easily handled, make good pets, and are my top breed recommendation for new chicken owners.

  2. Oh, You mentioned – not every case the same, ofcourse 😉 I got 7 chicken breeds 140 in total (still just 3 months young). And when I sit with them while they run free around, This is the only breed which comes to me, sit on my leg or friendly come real close. They are not scared at all. And not aggressive for now. My favourite breed.

  3. We just adopted our neighbor’s lovely silver laced wyandotte because it refused to stay in their yard with their rooster. We have named her Lady Cluck. We noticed her in our yard starting last summer and we got so used to seeing her we did not realize that she adopted us and had taken up residence in our bushes, As the weather has been getting colder now in October we decided to ask them what plans they had for her for winter protection. They gasped and were astonished because they thought that she had been killed by a predator months ago! Needless to say they were very happy to give her to us now that we are attached to her. She is very friendly and smart seeing that she stayed safe from predators in the woods. We love her as our pet! She now has a warm safe home with us and will never have to worry about coyotes or eagles or where her meals come from. We would love to try to train her on a harness if possible so that she can safely go on walks in the woods with us. <3

  4. Our silver laced Wyandotte is the hen that is always getting bullied by the other hens in our flock. She is also the most submissive to us of all our hens, so I don’t find your negative comments to be true at all.

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