How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants Around Chickens

Fire ants can be a big problem around your chickens and they definitely have a negative effect on the quality of their eggs. This is why getting rid of them should be considered a priority when any chicken keeper notices the fire ants.  There are many different methods that can help you remove the fire ants but did you know that some of them can also be harmful for your chickens? Also something that is crucial is the cost of the method you will choose to use in order to get rid of the menacing fire ants.


Expel food sources (garbage, spilled nourish, broken eggs, and dead chickens) and potential insect settling locales (bits of timber, old hardware, and fertilizer heaps).


Expel weeds and grass from around poultry houses with cutters or herbicides.


On grounds encompassing the structures, utilize the Two Way Method. There are varieties of bait for fire ants, for example, abamectin , fenoxycarb , hydramethylnon , pyriproxifen , s-methoprene or hydramethylnon in addition to methoprene , can be show connected outside the chicken coop. Try not to permit chickens access to the bait or snare treated ranges. Treat the ant hills that are a prompt risk or that have gotten away from the snare treatment utilizing a quicker acting method, for example, a dust, granular, soak, or goad planned item enlisted for this utilization on these territories.

On the off chance that ants are settling inside chicken cook, treat surfaces with an enlisted contact bug killing item. A few items, similar to those containing contact bug sprays, for example, permethrin , are enrolled particularly for control of flame ants in chicken coop. Other items, similar to those containing cyfluthrin, dichlorvos, and lambda-cyhalothrin, are all the more for the most part enlisted for slithering bugs including ants. Perused the poultry segment of names for extra safety measures. Try not to permit bug killing chemicals to come into contact with food or water supplies.

In the event that fire ants are scrounging inside the chicken house from subterranean insect hills found outside, a substance hindrance can be set up around the outside of the working with contact bug killing items enlisted for that utilization site. The progressions above can be adjusted to grill houses, gave the items utilized are enlisted for this utilization. Keep the fire ants – cure`s to the outside of the chickens reach to keep uninhibitedly wandering chickens from being presented to unwanted chemicals. The best technique is to actualize Step 3, above. With ants controlled outside, there will be less ants to be pulled in to nourishment sources inside.

Whenever you are going to use any store bought product in order to get rid of fire ants or any other pest remember to read the instructions carefully so that you can make sure that your chickens won`t be harmed from it. Many bug sprays or methods of removal can have a negative effect on your chickens so always be extremely careful while using them.

How do you get rid of fire ants ? Share your method with us in the comments below.


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