Deciding whether raising backyard chickens is right for you

Deciding whether to raise backyard chickens is not a simple task.

There are a variety of factors that you would have to consider before you would be able to determine whether keeping a flock with you is the right choice.

Here are some questions that you should answer if you want to come up with a decision on raising backyard chickens in your household.

Are you allowed to?

Your first consideration for deciding whether you should be raising backyard chickens would be the local laws.

You should understand that unlike other pets such as dogs or cats, there are plenty of laws that restrict your ability to keep your chickens in your backyard.

Some restrictions could be about limiting the type of chickens that you have (only hens are allowed), the size of your chicken coop, the distance between the coop and your neighbors, and some would even ban raising backyard chickens altogether.

As such, it would be very important for you to know if you are actually allowed to raise them in your backyard.

Can you handle talking with your neighbors?

When you start the activity, you would immediately realize that raising backyard chickens would indirectly involve your neighbors. This is because your chickens would usually involve some things, such as crowing or making noise and some foul odors that your neighbors might notice. While you may think that this is not unlike barking dogs, you would soon find out that your neighbors may not be as forgiving.

You would definitely have to talk to your neighbors about raising backyard chickens. You should try to get their permission or at least their understanding about the things that your chickens would be doing.

By doing this, you would ensure that you would not hear too many complaints from your neighbors, or at least they would talk to you first before airing out their grievances to the general public.

Are you willing to give the time and effort?

Lastly, you should figure out if you are willing to spend the time, effort, and resources needed to raise backyard chickens. You should know that raising backyard chickens is not that simple, and would definitely require you to spend some time with them.

You should have the time to set up the coop, feed them, and generally attend to their needs so that they would be able to grow well. If you don’t you would risk that your chickens would die from diseases or a lack of care.

Thus, you would need to find out if it is in you to be able to spend all these things just to maintain your chickens.

If you find yourself saying yes to all of these questions, then maybe raising backyard chickens is truly the right choice for you.

There are a variety of factors that you would have to consider before you would be able to determine whether keeping a flock with you is the right choice.
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