Chicken Treats

Treats that you can give to your chicken

How To Prepare Corn For Your Chickens – 3 Recipes!

Corn For Your Chickens

Giving treats to your chickens should be fun, not a boring daily obligation. Preparing different kinds of treats for your chickens can be a fun family activity and something that can easily become a habit. We at want to help our readers make this activity as fun for them as it is for us.

[Updated 2020] Treats For Chickens!

Treats for your chickens

Like children and adults, chickens also need treats that will motivate them to live healthy and happy. Unlike children and adults, the treats for chickens are different and are more nutritious. Any fruit is the best treat for your chicken. Compared to human treats that mostly comprises of chocolates, candies, and other sweets, chicken treats …

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