Chicken coop tours and WINTER weather tips for poultry keeping.

As the weather cools down for many of us we start to think about the cold weather ahead.

Harsh winter’s can be a hassle trying to keep the flocks water from freezing and making sure no chickens succumb to below zero temperatures. “To heat a coop or not heat a coop” is a controversial topic you’ll see on many poultry pages as well.

One main thing to consider, that some don’t think about, is what chicken breeds do you have? Not all chicken breeds are in fact cold hardy.

Blocking drafts and providing scratch grain, which raises a chickens body temperature during digestion, are simple things you can do to help them get through winter.

For those of us who don’t free range in winter, you can provide extra things to keep them busy. Being “cooped up”, can lead to boredum and bullying, but using mirrors, treat blocks, or hanging vegetables can combat this issue.

For more tips on winterizing a coop and having an easier cold weather set up be sure to view this video, and find others at Northern Wisconsin Chicken Chat on YouTube.

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