More Attention To Your Chickens Will Get You A FUNNY VIDEO Like This!

We at the team decided to share with our readers a story which happened to an Australian colleague chicken keeper. Apparently, a fellow chicken keeper named Catherine Bremner got surprised by what one of her chickens did. This story proves that you need to pay more attention to your chickens.

While in the laundry, our fellow chicken keeper heard her Roomba working even though she did not start it. The noise concerned Catherine so she went to check it out.

At her surprise, Catherine saw that one of her chickens had started the Roomba herself.

Luckily for us, our fellow chicken keeper managed to film her chicken riding the Roomba.

According to Catherine, the chicken stayed on the Roomba for about 5 minutes and then jumped off.

Find The Video That Will Prove That You Need To Pay More Attention To Your Chickens Below

What This Video Also Shows Us

This video is proof that chickens love to be entertainedAnd what makes entertaining even more awesome is the fact that it is very simple. Managing to film this kind of a thing is why you need to pay more attention to your chickens, especially while they are in process of entertainment.

Chicken keepers from all over the world have found many ways to entertain their chickens. Chicken entertaining can also be very healthy for them. Especially if you treat them with some healthy toy.

Entertained chickens are less stressful and that affects even their reproductive process. There are many DIY projects concerning the entertainment of your chickens which you can check out.

If you pay more attention to your chickens it will also improve our skills of handling them properly. You will also get to know their characters and pecking order. This will help you get aware of problems in and out of the coop faster, which will automatically lead to solving them faster.