The Most Chicken Friendly Animals!

Chicken Friendly Animals

Keeping chickens in your backyard has been only the beginning for some chicken keepers. The process of chicken keeping has inspired many people to try keeping other animals and that is a fact. Chickens are friendly, smart and highly productive animals, but they are also gentle and almost always considered the pray and not the predator. This is why every chicken keeper that wants to keep his chickens alive needs to be careful what kind of animals they keep alongside their chickens. There are however, animals that can be tamed and trained to  be friends with your chickens and can play with them.

They Save Space, They Are Not Expensive To Maintain & Are A Low Level Threat To Your Chickens – RABBITS!

Chicken Friendly Animals
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Have you ever seen rabbits and chickens playing together? It is the cutest sight EVER! Raising chickens and rabbits together can be very fun and mutually beneficial for both the chickens and the rabbits. From food exchange to keeping each other safe, raising chickens and rabbits together can be very entertaining for you and your family. Although both chickens and rabbits require maintenance the effort you put in raising these two species together can pay off in all the cuteness in the world.

Although Considered A Chicken Predator, If Raised Properly DOGS Can Be Not Only The Man`s Best Friend But To Your Chickens Also!

We have discussed before the Best Guard Dogs For Your Chickens but now we want to talk about the friendly pet dog that is going to be willing to play with you and your chickens. Dog breeds such as the Golden Retriever, The Beagle and alike are perfect to be raised with your chickens. It is very fun to play fetch with your dog and your chickens, the dog will run after the stick and the chickens will run after your dog. Especially if they are similar in color.

DUCKS Are Always A Good Idea To Keep Alongside Chickens

Chicken Friendly Animals
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Although they are both birds it is not recommended that you keep ducks and chickens in the same coop because ducks are way more messy. Ducks prefer water and most chickens don`t like getting wet. But as science say – opposites attract and this is what makes this two different species live good together. They can share their feeders and waterers and care for each other if raised together.

Before You Decide On Keeping Any Of These Animals Alongside Your Chickens Make Sure That You:

  • Are Prepared For The Responsibility

You will have another living being to feed, clean, maintain and raise so make sure that you have the time to do this and prepare a home for  them before you get them.

  •  Have The Patience And The Time To Raise That Animal To Be Friendly

In order for any animal to be friendly towards you and your flock you need to make sure that you can give it enough attention and time to repeat some of the processes that you need to go through to train them.

  •  Are Prepared For The Worst

Not every chicken/other animal correlation works. You need to be aware that there are chances that they will fight each other and one of those animals might end up dead.

Which animals do you keep alongside your chickens? Share your experiences with us in the comments below or via e-mail: