Taking Care Of Chickens In The Spring!

Taking Care Of Chickens In The Spring
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We have written many articles concerning taking care of chickens during both the summer and winter. But did you know that you also need to be prepared to take care of your chickens during the spring? Well, some preparation is in order when winter passes and springtime comes knocking at the door. Putting aside the perfect weather condition for raising chickens during the spring there are many threats lurking in that time. From small pests to bigger predators it may seem like every living being that can hurt your chickens will appear it the springtime.

Protecting Your Flock From Predators.

Dangerous Chicken Predators

Predators love springtime because that is the time they can see, smell and hunt better after the snowy and foggy winters. This is why you need to make sure that your coop and run are well protected from the predators. Check your fence for holes and try to set up some traps that will scare off the predators. This will help you prevent the predators that can eat your chickens. Also a good idea is to remove leftover food and water from the run so that they do not attract predators. When preventing predators it is highly important that you know your predators and in that way you will know how they can get to your chickens and what part of your defense you need to focus on.

Protecting Your Flock From Pests.

Your chickens cannot wait for spring in order to forage and play in a warmer environment. But the same warmer environment may attract some unwanted guests in and around your coop – the red mites. Red mites are those pests that can kill your chickens if not treated in time so you need to be extremely careful when searching for them in and around your coop during early spring. Preventing red mites includes proper ventilation, spraying vinegar around your coop and nightly check-ups of the  coop.

Prepare For The Broody Hen.

Taking Care Of Chickens In The Spring
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Broody hens don`t want their eggs taken away. If they notice that eggs are missing they will be very stubborn in keeping their eggs from everyone else. They will not eat or drink in order to prevent anyone from taking their eggs. Hens go broody in the springtime and egg collecting will not be as easy as it should be for any chicken keeper. The best thing to do while taking eggs from a broody hen is be as gentle as possible when doing that and if your broody hen recognizes your good intentions you will not have a problem getting those eggs.

Do Not Remove The Winter Warmers From The Coop Yet.

In the winter- spring transition period the weather conditions may change day to day. So do not remove whatever you have used to keep your chickens warm in the winter in the first week or so of spring. This will help you make sure that the temperature your chickens require in order to stay healthy will be maintained and your chickens will be as happy as they can be.

If You Want A New Batch Of Chicks – Now Is The Time To Start Preparing For Them.

We mentioned above about the possible broody hen problem you may encounter during the early spring. If you want your eggs to hatch as soon the first signs of spring show you will need to start preparing. Build your own movable brooder, learn how to maintain the small chicks you will have and read up on sexing chicks.

What kind of springtime problems have you encountered? Share your spring experiences with us in the comment section below or via e-mail support@typesofchicken.com