Most Common Chicken Diseases & Symptoms!

Chickens are very prone to illnesses and that is no secret. Especially when weather changes occur you can surely expect that the chances of your flock getting sick are bigger than before. Many experienced chicken keepers are aware of this fact and have gone deeper in the subject by analyzing and taking notes of the […]

Chicken Entertainment 101

Bored chickens feather peck each other, and that is definitely not good for them and for their chicken keepers.  This is one of the reasons why entertaining your chickens is very important. Another reason is nutrition, giving your chickens highly nutritious treats can help them in the process of egg production and with their well-being […]

PROS & CONS of Keeping Australorp Chickens!

Well yet another Monday has come and it is time for us, the team to present our readers with an article about pros and cons in keeping a particular chicken breeds. Until now we have presented you articles with pros and cons about keeping the Buff Orpingtons, the Silkies and the Rhode Island Red […]

5 Myths About Chicken Keeping That Non-Chicken Keepers Believe! (that are completely false)

During the weekend an old college buddy of mine (who didn’t know I was keeping chickens) came to town with his wife and me and my family decided to invite them over for dinner. When they came I was giving them the tour of the house and I showed them our flock – they were […]