Pros & Cons Of Keeping Rosecomb Chickens!

Rosecomb Chickens
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Rosecomb chickens have already gotten some of our attention in one of our previous articles, and now they have stumbled upon our weekly Pros & Cons articles about keeping a particular chicken breed. We have kept this Monday tradition for as long as this page exists and we are not planning to stop anytime soon. The Rosecomb chicken breed is quite popular with their unusual looks and there are a few things that can make them the perfect chickens for you and some that we think might convince you to try a different breed.


1. Their Size (As A Pro)

Rosecomb Chickens
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The Rosecomb chickens are of the smaller sized chickens, and that can be very good for those backyard chicken keeping enthusiasts which have a problem with  a lack of space. Their small size combined with their pretty looks makes them one of the best breeds if you want to keep chickens as a hobby without any expectations.

2. Why They Are Called The Fancy Chickens

Also called the fancy chickens- the Rosecomb chickens are very famous for their particular proud stance. Also they are only available bantam and demand a bit more up-keeping than the rest of the chicken breeds so it is not recommended that you start chicken keeping with these gentle fancy chickens. One of the most used chicken breed for shows.

3. Great Mothers

The Rosecomb hens make great mothers even to chicks from different breeds. Breeds that have hens which are popular for their motherly instincts such as the Silkies always have room in our pros list.


1. Their Size (As A Con)

Rosecomb Chickens
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Due to their size the Rosecomb chickens may be the perfect breed for your small yard but sometimes if you mix them with larger breeds they can get bullied due to their size. Their small size also makes them very gentle, and while bullied when they get pecked at it can have more serious consequences than with some other, larger breeds.

2. Hard To Raise

They require special attention according to many chicken keepers. They need to be raised with the proper attention from their birth and that is why they are not recommended for beginner chicken keepers. Without the proper raising they may end up bullied due to their untamed character.

3. No Meat Or Eggs

Rosecomb Chickens
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Although very pretty to look at they are not good to be kept for meat or eggs. Their eggs are small even though they lay regularly many chicken keepers decide on those breeds that lay larger eggs for their needs.

Concerning the meat, well they are small in size and that means that they do not have enough meat so if you want to keep chickens for their meat it is recommended to check out some of the more-buffed chicken breeds available near you.

With all this said this breed is very popular in chicken shows because even the fact that they are small their looks makes them unavoidable for every chicken keeping or non-chicken keeping person around them.

What is your experience with the Rosecomb chickens? Share it with us in the comments below.