Pros & Cons About Keeping American Game Chickens!

Keeping American Game Chickens
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Yup, it is true – the American Game chickens have finally pecked their way in to our weekly pros & cons articles about keeping a particular chicken breed. This breed has been requested from our readers for a month or so and we finally got up to doing the article. A big number of chicken keepers enjoy keeping this particular breed and some chicken keepers tend to avoid this breed for their own reasons. This article is dedicated to elaborate on our own research and experiences with this chicken breed in order to help our readers  decide if they want to keep this breed or not.


1. American Game Hens Make Great Mothers

Protective and smart the hens that are from this breed make excellent mothers. They are always around their chicks when needed and some might say that they can get overprotective when their chicks call for help. Many chicken keepers choose this breed to be their mother hen even for different chicken breed eggs and that is why we decided to put their motherly instincts as the first point of our pros list.

2. Available In A Huge Variety Of Colors And Have A Great Cultural -Value

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln are a great part of the American history and also they were all proud owners of this breed. This pro makes this breed have a great cultural and historical value and very good to have as a part of any flock.

Keeping American Game Chickens
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Other than that the American Game chickens are available in all colors that chickens can be available in. Their roosters can come in mixtures of different colors and that makes them the perfect addition to any flock to give it a nice esthetic value.

3.The Roosters Are Also Protective And Good Towards Younger Chickens

This is rare with roosters, for them to be protective and warming younger chicks during the winter. With most roosters the problem is that they are way too proud to help younger chickens but with most of the American Game roosters you should not expect a problem of this kind of nature.


1. They Don`t Satisfy The Needs To Every Chicken Keepers Who Keep Their Chickens Strictly For The Eggs

The American Game hens lay middle sized eggs and some chicken keepers like their eggs large. This is why those chicken keepers that breed chickens only for their eggs tend to avoid this breed for their flock. Although they will regularly give eggs and get broody once a month their eggs are not as large as with some other breeds.

2. Although The Roosters Can Fight To The Death With Any Predators, They Can Get Busy Fighting Each Other Also

Keeping American Game Chickens
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The roosters are friendly towards hens and chicks but they can get aggressive towards each other, this is not surprising when roosters come in question but we found that many chicken keepers complained that they have not seen a rooster rebel against the pecking order with other roosters as much as the American Game roosters and this is why we decided to put this of the cons list.

Do you agree with our pros & cons list about the American Game chickens? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below or via e-mail