Misshaped & Soft-Shelled Eggs: Why And How?

Misshaped & Soft-Shelled Eggs

Hens lay misshaped and soft-shelled eggs from time to time – novice chicken keepers if not informed can be surprised when this happens and more experienced chicken keepers know that this happens every once in awhile. What we want to do for this article is share with our readers the reasons behind this and with that help them make their lives as chicken keepers easier and simpler. This happens to every hen when they are starting to lay eggs and when they are laying their last eggs – it is completely normal.

When Are Misshapen And Soft Eggs A Reason For Concern?

As we mentioned above, misshapen and soft-shelled eggs are a pretty normal thing to happen with younger and older hens, but if your hen starts to lay these kinds of eggs in the middle of her life or soon after she`s started to lay perfectly good eggs you might want to check up on their diet. Also if this doesn`t stop happening with younger chickens and they don`t start laying normal eggs something has been messed up, by the chicken keeper or by the chicken.

Why Is This Happening In The Period Where Every Hen Should Lay Normal Eggs

Many things can cause a hen to lay misshapen and soft-shelled eggs – from calcium deficiency , your hens are not getting enough daylight, a bad diet etc. You can solve calcium deficiency by adding baked and crushed eggshells in your chickens diet. If your hens are not getting enough sunlight during the day it can affect badly on their egg production so it is on you to provide them with enough outside time to get the sufficient amount of sunlight for your hens. Not only a bad diet but also if you hen is getting the same food without any variety this can cause the egg to be good, but misshapen or without eggshells. To prevent this a chicken keeper needs to keep his chickens on a diet with a variety of nutritious materials and healthy treats.

What Kind Of Misshaped And Soft-Shelled Eggs Are There?

  • Broken Eggs
Misshaped & Soft-Shelled Eggs
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This is not a great deal of concern because small accidents can break an egg while the hen is laying it. Eggs that are broken completely and messed up you may want to check if one of hens is pecking at it or if you nesting boxes are organized properly. Of course, they are not eatable and cannot hatch.

  • Cock (or Wind) Eggs
Misshaped & Soft-Shelled Eggs
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These are very small eggs that contain only the egg whites but not the yolk. They can be fun to show off or decorate due to their unusual size and are eatable but it is not highly recommended to eat them. They cannot be hatched.

  •  Shock Eggs
Misshaped & Soft-Shelled Eggs
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Shock eggs are those eggs that have a perfect inside but are misshaped outside. Shock eggs happen when the hen is shocked while the egg is in production. This makes the hen stop the egg production and then continue it after whatever scared or stressed the chicken stops. These kind of eggs can be eaten but are not good for hatching.

  • Eggs Without The Shell
Eggs Without The Shell
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The eggs are in good shape but instead of the full eggshell a layer of goo is keeping the egg together. This happens when calcium deficiency causes the bad egg production and the best thing to do when this happens is add eggshells or any kind of calcium provider in their diet.

  • Double Yolkers
Double Yolk
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The opposite of the cock (or Wind) eggs the double yolkers are large and contain two yolks. This is a normal thing to happen with younger hens and it is highly unlikely that it will happen to a middle-aged or older hen. They are eatable but are not recommended for hatching.

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