Don’t Throw Your Egg Cartons Anymore! 6 DIY Projects

Egg cartons

We at the team want to give our readers ideas about everything that has to do with chickens and eggs, especially the things people usually throw away – we suggested that you feed your leftover food to your chickens and we gave you an article about 10 Amazing things you can do with your egg shells. When we were discussing our next article someone suggested that even chicken keepers can have extra egg cartons and this gave us this idea to this. Knowing that it is made from recycled paper here are some great uses for your leftover egg cartons:

1. Use them to organize stuff

egg carton use
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Well, we all have those small things that come in different small and smaller sizes (screws, lego bricks, hair accessories and so on) and sometimes a normal sized shelf is too big for you to organize all these things. So might we suggest that you use your extra egg carton – split in half then put It your shelf and organize those small stuff you waste time looking for every time you need them.

2. Use them as seed starters

You can organize multiple plants in your garden by planting them in an leftover egg carton for example – take a seed and plant it in one of the egg holders then skip some of the egg holders and plant one more. When the seeds start to grow you can place the carton box directly into the ground and let the plant grow.

egg carton use
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It is not crucial that you skip some egg holders because some plants don’t need that much room when the seed breaks. Or you can make a small garden as a decoration.

3. Give them to a chicken keeper

egg cartons
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If you know someone who keeps chicken, he will sure find a use for it. Chicken keepers don’t usually buy eggs so most of them are short of egg cartons, they can use them to store eggs or as a feeder for the small chicks. We at the team are sure that you will be rewarded for your consideration.

4. Use them as a cooler for your lap top

lap top on egg cartonIf you are keen on not spending extra power and money for the external lap top cooler, you can put an opened egg carton for cooling. The shapes of the egg holders provide a place where the hot air that exits your lap top can move and with that the bottom part of your computer will not get hotter.

5. Give them to your children

carton use children
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This is one of the best uses for those who have noisy and hyperactive children. You can make a memory game – turn the egg carton from top to bottom, then cut three sides from the egg holder in that way so it can open and close, write a number on each of the egg holders. Placing some small objects below the egg holders and then letting the children guess the number of the egg holder where the named object is will leave you hours of peace and quiet.

6. Use them as sound isolators

egg cartons as sound insulationIf you or your children are in a band, sticking the egg cartons on the wall of the place of practice will isolate the sound. Doing this is also very good to make the sound cleaner. This will take a lot of egg cartons but I believe that it is worth it.

These are our suggestions on how to use your egg cartons, and 6 reasons why you should never throw them again! Did we miss something??? Do you use your egg cartons in different way? Feel free to comment bellow.