Pros & Cons About Keeping Dorking Chickens

Dorking Chicken
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As another Monday came through the door it is time for one of our weekly articles concerning the Pros & Cons about keeping a particular chicken breed. We carry on the tradition of these articles because we want our readers to be well-informed about the chicken breeds available to them so that they can make the right choice that best fits their needs. This Monday the Dorking chickens are on our Pros & Cons list and even though many chicken keepers may disagree that this breed has their own cons – they do and we will do our best to explain them to you.


1. Dorking Hens Make Great Mothers

Dorking Chicken
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We at the team always appreciate when hens are being good mothers and that is why we decided to put this the first thing on our Pros list. They are protective and patient with young cockerels and pullets which makes them perfect for every chicken breeding enthusiast that wants quality eggs and good mothers for their young chicks. Speaking of quality eggs…

2. Dorking Hens Lay Medium To Large Quality Eggs

Dependant on the feed and the general maintaining of the hens of this breed they are able to lay good sized eggs with high quality. They get broody easily and are protective of their eggs. Even if you are planning to keep chickens in order to get fresh eggs regularly for personal usage this breed can let you have that kind of pleasure.

3. Dorking Chickens Make Great Foragers

In order for a hen or a rooster to be called a great forager they need to have something more than the regular worm and food finding in the run. A chicken being great forager it means that if it gets lost to know its way back and to be observant of threats and to recognize friend from foe. Dorking chickens are good in the abovementioned things and that is why them being great foragers comes in our Pros list.


1. They Require More Breeders ( this is not a permanent Con – We hope )

Dorking CHicken
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Almost every experienced chicken keeper will tell you that due to the low number of devoted breeders it is difficult to find pure Dorking chickens. But fortunately, difficult and impossible are not the same so if you are keen on this breed with some effort you may be able to find one of them near you.

2. They Get Dirtier Than Other Chickens ( due to their low carriage )

The Dorking chickens have lower carriage than other chickens and that is why they get messier and dirtier than other chickens. This is a con for those chicken keepers that are on a tight schedule and do not have the time for unscheduled baths and cleaning rituals.

3. A Bit Slower To Mature Than Other Breeds

Dorking CHicken
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Every chicken breeder knows that moment when you notice a change in behavior in chickens. They grow up and get a more serious attitude and instead of being too playful and flighty they get broody or protective depending on their sex. What people say is that the Dorking chickens mature slower than other breeds and that can have a negative effect on the whole flock and the pecking order.

What is your experience with this breed? Share it with us in the comment section below.