Chickens Are Intelligent And Complex! We Can Learn Something From Them!

How To Introduce New Chickens Into Your Flock
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Every chicken keeper confirms the fact that chickens are intelligent. Even if a person monitors a flock of chickens for the first time they can notice a pattern of behavior. Every flock has its pecking order and every flock`s pecking order firmness is unique and dependable on many factors.

Furthermore, many chicken keepers use their chickens to help them with things other than providing eggs and meat.

The answer to the question how smart your chickens will turn out to be is not simple.

It Is Easy To See That Chickens Are Intelligent If You Know What To Look For!!

  • First Of All, They Communicate And It Is A Complex Form Of Communication

    Chickens can warn the rest of their flock if they notice a threat by making a sound. They can also inform the flock if they have found a source of food or water by making a different sound.

    Chickens can make over 30 different sounds in order to communicate. They also make body movements that can indicate something they want to make the rest of the flock aware of.

  • Although The Eggs And Meat Are Reasons Sufficient Enough, Chickens Are So Smart They Can Work On Your Yard!!

    You can make your chickens work on your garden. Build a chicken tunnel and your chickens will do the hardest part of garden work for you. In addition, if you cover the plants you don’t want your chickens to mess with, chickens roaming freely in your garden will keep unwanted plants and insects away.

  • A Good Indicator Of Their Intelligence Is The Mother – Child Relationship.

    When discussing the relationship between a hen and her chick, the Silkies must be mentioned. They set an example of a loving and caring mother. The Silkies are also one of those breeds that you can keep inside an apartment as a friendly pet.

    Moreover, hens show a motherly compassion towards chicks that came from other hens. They care for the sick and sometimes even show anger towards the stubborn cockerels.

  • They Can Remember And Differentiate People, They Also Dream In Color!!

    If your chickens see you regularly as the source of food and water (also fun), they will run towards you every time you show up.  The same goes with those that scare them and are aggressive towards them, the chickens will run away from them next time.
    Chickens show emotions and react to them properly. This is a good indicator that chickens are intelligent.

  • In Conclusion,  Hens And Roosters Show Different Patterns Of Behavior Even From Young Age

    One of the ways to sex a chicken, also the safest way is to wait and notice their behavior. While cockerels will not wait a lot to show the distinctive rooster behavior and start forming authority in the group. The pullets, however,  they show fear or interest in their new environment dependable on outside factors such as temperature and hygiene.
    Not every rooster is the same and also not every hen. This does not mean that they cannot change. With some effort and the reward system that works with dogs, will work with chickens also.