Chicken Grit – Is It Necessary And Can You Replace It?

Chicken Grit

Some chicken keepers tend to use, and some don’t – we`re not judging. Using chicken grit is a personal choice for chicken keepers and it helps the chicken “chew” better since they have no teeth. We at the team as always promote unconventional but simple and easy ways for you to have a better life as a chicken keeper. So is giving grit to your chickens necessary and can you replace it? We at the team will give our best to clear that out for you in this article.

1. What Is Chicken Grit?

Chicken Grit
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Chicken grit is used to help your chickens digest their food and it can help prevent many health issues with your chickens. Using chicken grit gives your chickens calcium which holds a crucial part in every proper diet. It is cheap and easily found since many chicken feed mixtures contain it.

2. What Kinds Of Chicken Grit Are There?

– Flint Or Insoluble
Flint or insoluble grit is cheap and easily found but make sure that you keep it in a proper container since it needs to be kept dry. The containers can be a bit more expensive though. It is not as full of calcium as the other one but it still helps the gizzard of the chicken digest the food.
– Oyster Shell Or Soluble
Oyster Shell Or Soluble grit is used mostly to get mixed with the flint grit as an add-on for more calcium. However it is not critical to use.

3. Do You Need Chicken Grit?

Chicken Grit
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Well it depends – if your chickens are free range and on what kind of soil you let them peck. Most free range and garden roaming chickens do not need grit since they get a sufficient amount of calcium and grit from pecking. So if your chickens already provide quality eggs and appear as healthy as possible there is no need for you to add grit in their diet.

4. Can Store Bought Chicken Grit Be Replaced?

As we mentioned many times before we at the promote using leftover material and food for the benefit of you and your chickens. There is an unconventional way to replace chicken grit with baked crushed egg shells. Also letting your chickens roam your garden can help them peck the right kind of soil to get a sufficient amount of calcium so you don’t have to buy any chicken grit.

5. What Are Grit Hoppers?

In order to give grit to their chickens many chicken keepers prefer using a grit hopper. A grit hopper is not difficult to make if you get a bit creative. They are a bit more expensive store bought so if you choose to make one instead of buying the things you need to know are:
– Make sure your chickens cannot tip it over.
– Make sure water cannot get to the grit.

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