The 9 Types Of Combs In Chickens

Types Of Combs In Chickens

Except a few articles concerning water bathing and feathers, we at the team rarely do articles about the general outside look of the chickens. When we talk about the look of the chickens we do that mostly in our weekly Pros & Cons about a particular chicken breed articles. After a brief discussion about today`s article, we decided that we wanted to do an article concerning the comb of the chickens. The comb is a chicken`s body part that can indicate illnesses, gender, and breed of the chicken. There are 9 types of combs in chickens that are widely recognized.

1. Cushion Combs



Easily recognized in the Chantecler breed the Cushion combs are small and round in shape. They don’t have any ridges and begin at the top of the beak and do not go far above the head.

2. Pea Combs

The Pea Comb is also one of the smallest combs around. It has three small ridges and it starts at the top of the head and goes down to the beak. From the three ridges, the one in the middle should be the biggest one. Breeds such as Americana, Buckeye and Cornish have this type of combs.

3. Single Combs

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The most recognizable combs and the ones we usually see in cartoon chicken characters, the Single Combs as their name say carry one comb and start from the rear of the head of the chicken and end up at the top of the beak. Single Combs can be stretched and stay straight forward or flop on the sides. Breeds like Australorp, Orpington. Rhode Island and much more have the Single Comb.

4. Buttercup Combs

Buttercup Combs
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The Buttercup Combs have two sides with two big ridges that start at the ends of each side and smaller ridges between them. Resembling a crown, the Buttercup Combs are named after the Sicilian Buttercup chicken breed which is recognized by the same type of comb.

5. Walnut Combs

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Medium sized combs that have the texture like the outside of a walnut shell – therefore the name. The Silkies are commonly known for having this kind of comb.

6. Rose Combs

Wyandotte chicken

Rose Combs start at the top of the beak in a tube that is covered in rounded wrinkles. This is what takes up about 2/3rds of the comb. Above the chicken’s head, the shape changes and a tube shape is formed. Breeds that have a rose comb are Dominiques, Sebrights, and Wyandottes.

7. Strawberry Combs

Strawberry Combs
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The Yokohama and Malay’s chicken breeds are known for having this kind of combs. Small and rough, the Strawberry Combs have a lot of small lumps that make them resemble a strawberry.

8. Horn Combs( Also Known As V-Shaped Or Antler Combs)

Horn Combs chickens
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The Horn Combs divide into two lines which make them resemble a horn or the letter “V”. They can be both small and large in size and are found in breeds such as Appenzeller, Crevecoeur, Houdan, La Fleche, and Sultan.

9. The Silkie Combs

Silkie chicken
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Silkie Combs are one of the two types of combs that can be found in the Silkie chicken breed, the other one being the Walnut Combs. Equipped with a few rear points, these combs are lumpy and round as well as wider than they are long.

These are the 9 types of combs that are recognized by the American Poultry Association. Feel free to comment and share your opinions with us.


    Get your pictures and descriptions in the right order. When they don’t match people get confused

  • Dave

    Can’t forget the chrysanthemum comb of the ko shamo!

  • TammyA

    There is no such breed as Ameuricana. I think you mean Ameraucana, which does have a pea comb (also beard and muff, slate to willow legs, and 8 designated color types). Ameraucana should not to be confused with the popular hybrid called an Easter Egger which is often erroneously called an Americana. EE’s are not a breed but a hybrid mix from Ameraucanas and sold for their possibility of green eggs (due to the genetics of the blue shell laying Ameraucana bred over a brown egg layer). EE’s are sold in feed stores as you have to go to a breeder to get the blue egg laying Ameraucana as they expensive birds. The EE usually has a pea comb, if it is a first generation hybrid, but not always as they are a mix with other comb types possible.

  • PoultryBabe

    Few of your comb names match the picture. If you are attempting to educate the public, you need to have your pictures, names, and facts straight.